Cosmic Pro

In 2036, mankind first landed on the planet Flux Mars.
In 2052, the first World Martial Arts Championships were held, the highest fighting event in the world, and the world went wild for it.
The world’s top fighter, “Gun Devil” Xu Jingming, retired at the age of 26, with injuries from the tournament. ……
A new era has begun!

At 13:50 on July 2, 2081, Bluestar, the most prosperous city of the summer country, ‘Binhai City’, at this time, the dark clouds were dense and thunder rumbled, looking at a heavy rain to come.

The first part of the wind and clouds Chapter 1

"Summer thunderstorms, they come when they say they will." In a room on the top floor of the Star Fighting Hall, a young man was looking through the floor-to-ceiling window at the dark clouds and lightning outside, and "crackling" raindrops began to beat on the window glass.

The young man walked to the center of the room, hands on the ground, very slowly and steadily in a handstand. First, the two hands straight upside down, after the collection of a hand, into the right hand of the one-handed inversion.


Breathing sounds in the ears, Xu Jingming felt the body's core muscle groups tighten, but also feel the whole body weight on the right arm stimulation.

The first three minutes of the arm is very comfortable, the muscles of the tendons of the arm are deeply stimulated, but the fourth minute the palm muscles are a little tingling some torment, the fifth minute is even more painful, but Xu Jingming has long been accustomed to, adhere to the end of five minutes, naturally switched to the left hand one-handed handstand.

"Dad's waist, I wonder if it's better today." When the one-handed handstand, Xu Jingming thoughts are also drifting, he thought of his father. Father this year sixty, back injury is an old problem, yesterday I heard my mother said on the phone that my father's back injury when moving heavy objects flared up again ......

"After this recent period of busy, back home a trip." Xu Jingming thought.

One-handed handstand, not the training method taught by the national team, but taught by his father when he was a child.

Xu Jingming was not well when he was a child, his father taught him martial arts to strengthen his body, including the "one-armed inverted pile". Because of the long-term practice effect is quite good, also became his daily practice of one of the five piles, winter training three nine, summer training three volt, practice has been twenty years, even if sick and injured will persist, no too special reason is not broken. As the saying goes, 'practice boxing without practicing gong, to old age a void', the so-called gong, is the basic daily work.

If there is an interruption for three or five days, the muscles and bones will decline.

After practicing the single-arm inverted pile, Xu Jingming went to the desk and sat down, drank a few sips of water and looked at the torrential rain outside the window.

"Once the dampness gets heavy, this leg of mine starts to hurt." Xu Jingming looked at his right leg and reached out and gently rubbed it, "The daily rehabilitative exercises never stop, but my right leg ...... can't get better."

"If the right leg is not injured, I should be expected to impact the world first." Xu Jingming silently said.

Injuries are what every martial arts master fears most in his or her career. The injury of "broken leg" is a nightmare for Xu Jingming.

"Suddenly, a sound rang out.

Xu Jingming lifted his head and said, "Xiao Bai, answer the video call."

There was light coalescing in front of Xu Jingming, converging into a two-meter-high picture, in which a big, sturdy fat man was sitting in a car, laughing and shouting, "Old Xu, we've already left the hotel, and it's estimated that we'll arrive at your Star Fighting Hall in about 20 minutes. Haha, we haven't seen each other for over a year, right? We need to have a good drink tonight."

"Don't worry, Big Bear, I have long booked a barbecue restaurant." Xu Jingming saw his teenage best friend and smiled and instructed, "It's raining quite heavily, you guys be careful on the way."

"Don't worry, don't worry." The stout fat man then said, "The provincial training team of this group of boys are very admired you, want to see your gun skills, later you have to give them a good guidance, let them understand and the gap between the world's top experts."

"Nowadays, young people are more powerful than the next generation, it's good if I don't capsize." Xu Jingming said with a smile.

"How can you capsize? I would like you to capsize, you capsize, on behalf of our provincial team has another genius ah." The big fat man laughed, "Well, no more small talk, we'll see you later."

"See you later." Xu Jingming reached out with a stroke of his hand and the image in mid-air dispersed.

The training for the Jiangnan Province training team lasted for ten days and charged a fee of fifty thousand Blue Star coins, which was actually not even enough to cover the venue fee. But for the fighting gym, being able to do training for the provincial training team was also an advertising sign, and it could also attract more fighting enthusiasts to come to the fighting gym for membership.

"When a professional retires, he has to make money, too." Xu Jingming got up and went to take a shower and change his clothes.

Fighting professionals may sound beautiful, but in reality, they earn some 'appearance fees' at their peak, and most of them have a subsistence income of over 100 million.

As for after retirement, it is more difficult to make money. Although Xu Jingming is also a world-class martial arts master, but the world martial arts competition, his highest is only the top eight. The income of the fighting world is in the shape of a pyramid, the tip of the tower is very few and far between! The first ranked income is exaggeratedly high, the second third fourth ...... will plummet.


Xu Jingming stood waiting at the entrance of the Star Fighting Hall, also accompanied by a few staff members, and saw from afar that there was an electric bus coming from the rain screen.

When the electric bus stopped, the door opened and more than ten people from the Jiangnan Province training team got off one after another.

"Big Bear." Xu Jingming saw at a glance the first to get off the sturdy big fat man, that is his good brother Liu Chong Yuan.

"Old Xu." Liu Chong Yuan came over excited and Xu Jingming hug, bang bang bang big slap on the back of Xu Jingming, Xu Jingming bitter face, can only be regarded as a massage.

Liu Chong Yuan, two meters and three, weighing more than one hundred and eighty kilograms, as if a big upright bear. Back then, he was also a professional-level martial arts expert, with a shield in one hand and an axe in the other, and had killed to 39th place at the highest point ranking of the World Martial Arts Federation, so he could sit firmly in the provincial sports bureau.

"This is Coach Xu." Liu Chongyuan grinned and said, "The Coach Xu that you have been longing for!"

"Xu Jingming!"

"Gun Devil Xu Jingming!"

"See the real person!" The provincial team members were all a little excited, as industry insiders, naturally worshipping this senior.

Xu Jingming looked at these players, as if he saw himself back then.

Young and full of vigor!

Unlike yourself, barging in martial arts tournaments, with all the injuries can only be retired.

Xu Jingming smiled: "Ah Chen, take them to choose the weapons."

"Yes, Brother Xu." The young staff member answered.

"Da Xiong, let's go to the third floor first and wait for them." Xu Jingming and Liu Qingyuan, a pair of good brothers, happily went to the third floor first.


The weapon room of the Star Fighting Hall is 500 square meters, with a staggering number of swords, guns, swords, sticks, shields, axes, hammers, chain yokes and other kinds of cold weapons, which are all martial arts competition paraphernalia, such as swords and knives, not only do not open the blade, the surface is also wrapped with a layer of cushioning material, greatly improving the degree of safety. Like lances, these competition guns have data on the barrel: length, size head diameter, weight, lances are hundreds of rods, lined up against the wall.

"As expected of the Star Fighting Hall, the first-class fighting hall in Binhai City, the weapons are flush enough." The eleven members of the provincial training team, all of them use long spears, that's why they participated in Xu Jingming's training.

In terms of marksmanship alone, all professional martial arts masters in history, Xu Jingming is recognized as one of the top ten.

The competition lance data is clear, and the eleven team members quickly choose their usual weapons.

"The first time I saw Xu Jingming in reality, it looks very ordinary, not as intimidating as in the video." A tall man tried out the lance while saying.

"It feels a lot thinner than in the video." Another boyish teenager said.

"It's slimmer." A burly man nodded, "When he didn't retire, I saw him compete live a few times, and the public information of the Martial Arts Union, he was one meter seven-eight and weighed ninety-three kilograms. Now he's lost a lot of weight, estimated to be eighty-five kilograms at most."

These provincial team members discussed.

They all knew very well that a height of one meter seven-eight and a weight of over eighty kilograms might be slightly fat for an ordinary person. But to a professional martial arts expert, with heavy sinew and a high muscle ratio, it is slightly thin.

"Weight loss, strength must have also decreased."

"I wonder how much strength is still there."

"Some professional players, after retiring and giving up training, their bodies are deformed and their strength is much worse."

These players talked about it.

"I still want to see how much difference there is between myself and the World Martial Arts Champion, who thought that he is even a weight lighter, I don't know how much strength is left." The burly man was a bit upset, he was also selected for the national training team once last year, and his goal was also the highest tournament in the fighting world - the World Budo Championship, originally there were expectations for Xu Jingming who had twice killed the World Budo Championship, but now he was a bit disappointed.

The weight has been reduced, how much strength Xu Jingming has left? There is still 'gun devil' year dominant strong?

"Even if the strength has slipped, the experience is still there." The tall man at his side laughed, "Pointing us out is still enough."

"Probably won't even fight with us in real life." The boyish teenager muttered, they saw