Hacking My Engagement Ring with Moissanite

I’ve been engaged for 4 months, showed my ring to dozens of people, and that nightmare scenario that has played out in my mind many times has never happened. Not even once.

My fiancé and I chose a moissanite stone for my engagement ring and it is among the best decisions we have ever made.

Why I chose a diamond alternative for my engagement ring?

Two years into dating I knew my fiancé was the one. Like many girls, I started dreaming about what type of engagement ring I wanted.

I played around on sites that allow you to custom design your engagement ring.

I liked jeweler’s Facebook pages in order to enter contests to win expensive engagement rings. (Facebook awkwardly started displaying that I liked those pages to my friends, who then messaged me about it. Thanks, Facebook!)

Given my success with travel rewards and my optimism about life hacking, I was convinced that there was a way to hack the engagement ring as well.

I.  What is moissanite?

Moissanite, or natural silicon carbide, was discovered over a century ago when Nobel prize-winning French chemist, Dr. Henri Moisson found tiny particles of the substance at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona.

The stone was named moissanite in his honor.  Years later, scientists created the gemstone that we know as moissanite today.

II.  What does moissanite look like?

Although moissanite may look like a diamond, its higher rate of refraction and dispersion make it much sparklier than a diamond. It actually bends light more than twice as much.

The brilliance and fire make moissanite stones stand out compared to other gemstones.

III.  How does moissanite compare to a diamond?

First, Moissanite is much less expensive than a diamond.  A 1ct moissanite goes for $300 retail whereas a 1ct diamond could run anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000 depending on cut, color, and clarity.

Secondly, moissanite is more refractive than a diamond as mentioned above, which gives it more fire and sparkle.

Third, moissanite is not as hard as a diamond (about 9 to 10 on the mohr scale) but the difference is negligible. I’ve banged mine against hard surfaces many times and it’s fine.

Like diamonds, moissanites can range from colorless to some color and you pay more as you get closer to colorless – although the cost for a colorless moissanite is much less than the highest grade of diamond comparatively.

8 Stores That Sell Moissanite

Numerous jewelry stores and department stores sell rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other items made with moissanite. As an alternative to diamonds, moissanite is durable, lab-grown (making it a socially responsible choice), and less expensive than diamonds. Qualities like brilliance can be even greater in moissanite than in diamonds.

Below, we list the nationwide retailers that sell moissanite, including their available settings. 

What We Recommend

The best place to buy moissanite is Charles & Colvard, which offers the most significant number of setting options and is widely regarded as the most reputable source of moissanite jewelry. This online-only company supplies most of the moissanite sold at other retailers, and it has flexible financing options to meet most buyers’ needs.

For the widest variety of affordable and discounted options, we recommend Overstock.com, which sells nine moissanite brands (including Charles & Colvard) in different types of ring settings.

The List

Below, we list the jewelry stores and department stores that sell moissanite jewelry. We’ve ordered the list starting with the best overall options for quality, price, and variety.

1. Charles & Colvard

Types of moissanite for sale:

Charles & Colvard Forever One, Forever Brilliant, and Forever Classic

Available jewelry:

· Bracelets

· Earrings

· Engagement rings

· Fashion rings

· Necklaces

· Wedding bands

2. Overstock

Types of moissanite for sale:

Annello, Auriya, Charles & Colvard, La Vita Vital, Miadora, Versil, Pompeii3, Twobirch, and V3 Jewelry

Available jewelry:

· Bracelets

· Earrings

· Engagement rings

· Fashion rings

· Necklaces

· Wedding bands

3. Helzberg Diamonds

Types of moissanite for sale:

Charles & Colvard Forever One

Available jewelry:

· Earrings

· Engagement rings

· Fashion rings

· Necklaces

· Wedding bands

4. Walmart

Types of moissanite for sale:

More than 60 brands, including Charles & Colvard

Available jewelry:

· Earrings

· Engagement rings

· Fashion rings

· Necklaces

· Wedding rings

5. Brilliant Earth

Types of moissanite for sale:

Hand-selected, lab-grown moissanite

Available jewelry:

Preset and custom moissanite rings

6. Moissanite Bridal

Types of moissanite for sale:

Charles & Colvard Forever One and Eternity moissanite

Available jewelry: Custom and preset engagement rings

7. Sears

ypes of moissanite for sale: More than 60 brands, including Charles & Colvard and QG Moissanite

Available jewelry:

· Bracelets

· Earrings

· Engagement rings

· Fashion rings

· Necklaces

· Wedding bands

8. Kohl’s

Types of moissanite for sale:

Charles & Colvard, Radiant Fire, and Stella Grace

Available jewelry:

· Bracelets

· Earring

· Engagement rings

· Fashion rings

· Necklaces

· Wedding bands

A Comparison of Moissanite Brands

We’re excited to be able to offer beautiful moissanites from three different companies! Two brands of white moissanite are available: Forever One™ by Charles & Colvard, and Supernova™ by Moissanite International. Both are great companies, offering gorgeous stones in a range of white color grades and price points. The third company, Iconic Moissanite, is my own brand of grey moissanite. Which brand you choose is truly a personal choice — you’ll have to weigh which factors are most important to you. Below is a summary and background of each white moissanite option: 

Forever One (colorless, D-E-F)

The Forever One is by North Carolina based company, Charles & Colvard. Their stones are made in the USA, which may or may not be of importance to some clients. They were also the original creators of gem-quality moissanite, and have been producing it for over 20 years. Because they were the originators, they have greater brand name recognition. Their colorless stones grade in the D-E-F range, according to the diamond color grading scale. (If you’re unfamiliar with color gradings or how the scale works, read The 4 C’s to learn more. 

The round shape of Forever One is also available in two faceting styles: their classic Round Cut, as well as the newer Hearts & Arrows cut. The difference between these two round cuts is discussed in greater detail in this blog post.

Supernova (colorless, D-E-F)

The Supernova is by Australian based company, Moissanite International. In decades past, Charles & Colvard was the only maker of moissanite since they held the patent. In 2016 their patent expired, thus opening the gates for other competitors. Moissanite International has been developing and fine-tuning their stones in anticipation of the patent ending. Their stones are stunning, and are truly on par with those from Charles & Colvard. The Supernovas also grade in the colorless D-E-F range, so they’re comparative to the Forever One D-E-F. However, the Supernovas come in at a lower price point than those from C&C. To learn more about the cut of the round Supernova and how it compares to the Forever One round, see this blog post. 

Forever One (near colorless, G-H-I)

In addition to their colorless D-E-F moissanite, Charles & Colvard also offers a near-colorless option that grades in the G-H-I range of the color scale. It’s less expensive than Supernova, making it budget friendly. Unlike their older Forever Brilliant line (which was supposedly also G-H-I, but often was more like I-J-K for some shapes), the new Forever One Hearts & Arrows GHI are truly in the G-H-I color range. Most of the oval and rounds I’ve seen so far are even the higher “G” color grade, and honestly look nearly identical to the D-E-F to the untrained eye. The vast majority of diamonds you see don’t even grade as colorless; most are near-colorless, just like the new GHI moissanite. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting the new GHI to be that different from their old FB, but the whiteness is really incredible. I’m a believer. 

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a white moissanite:
 ◇  Do you only like an icier/bluer stone, or do you prefer a little warmth?
 ◇  Are you working within a budget? 
 ◇  Does it matter to you where the moissanite was made? 
 ◇  Does brand recognition matter to you? 
 ◇  Does cut matter to you more than color and/or brand name?
 ◇  Prefer a non-white stone? Skip below to “Grey Moissanite” section!  

Forever Brilliant (near colorless G-H-I — but really closer to I-J-K)

Before C&C introduced the newer Forever One GHI, their near-colorless option used to be the Forever Brilliant, or FB for short. The FB’s were cut from a different material than the new GHI and were visibly warmer/yellower. Although C&C claimed the FB also graded in the G-H-I range, I actually think the fancy shapes (such as radiants, emeralds, pears, etc.) graded more in the I-J-K color range. Color isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just something to be aware of. In fact, many clients actually prefer a warmer stone. Many antique rings from the Art Deco, Victorian, etc. periods are faintly yellow. 

Iconic Moissanite (Fancy Grey color)

I founded my own brand, Iconic Moissanite, after realizing that not all couples are looking for a white stone ring. The Iconic line features rare fancy greys, a hue that occurs naturally during the moissanite crystal growing process. Iconic grey moissanites are perfect for those wanting something a bit less traditional. The wonderful thing about grey is that it’s still a neutral that goes with everything, but the grey shade lends a little something different and edgier. Iconic greys can range in shade from a warmer dove grey, to a medium smoky grey, to a dark steel-hued grey. Learn more about the Iconic Grey Moissanite here. 

I plan expand the Iconic brand to include white moissanites in the near future, so stay tuned! I already have a few white Iconic moissanites cookin’ — a gorgeous Hearts & Arrows, and some insanely beautiful antique cuts of white moissanite as well, such as Old Mine cuts, and more. Keep an eye on my Instagram, where I always post sneak peeks of new offerings first!

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite is an exquisitely beautiful gemstone, and is an excellent choice for an affordable engagement ring. It’s nearly as hard as diamond and will last a lifetime, guaranteed. With more fire and brilliance than a diamond, it’s an eye-catching center stone that will light up a room.

Moissanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world

Many see more sparkle, fire and brightness from a moissanite than from a diamond.

Moissanite is more brilliant than a diamond on the Brilliance Refractive Index (which measures a gem’s sparkle).

Moissanite has a greater dispersion and iridescence (commonly referred to as “fire”) than a diamond.

Moissanite has double the brightness of a diamond: It’s twice as refractive as a diamond. Refractivity is how many times light is “bent” when it passes through a gemstone.

Now a lab-created stunner

The naturally occurring mineral moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteor crater located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. Henri mistakenly identified moissanite as a diamond, but later he correctly identified the crystals as silicon carbide. This mineral form of silicon carbide was named “Moissanite” in honor of Henri, later on in his life.

While moissanite is a naturally occurring material, it is incredibly rare to find. In 1998, the lab creation of moissanite was perfected through a sophisticated, scientific process and then offered widely to the consumer market.

An affordable, durable, and eco-conscious alternative to a mined diamond

The moissanite gemstones we offer are exclusively lab created. Moissanite gemstones are colorless (graded D, E, or F), of high clarity (VS1 or better), and are manufactured to an Excellent Cut, Polish and Symmetry.

Moissanite is extremely durable and can be set and finished into all types of fine jewelry.

Moissanite ranks on the Mohs hardness scale at 9.25 or better.

Moissanite is less susceptible to cracking and chipping than a diamond as it has greater tensile strength and is less brittle than diamond.

What are the Pros and Cons of Moissanite?

What is a moissanite stone if not the best very of both worlds: decidedly premium quality and genuine affordability. With more than twice the fire of a diamond at a fraction of the cost, durable moissanite gemstone combines luxury and accessibility. 

According to the International Gemstone Society, by spending less than $1,000, you can receive a moissanite stone the size of a one-carat diamond for three times less than the standard cost—and all without compromising on color or clarity. In fact, our lab-created diamond simulants cost up to 90% less than mined diamonds while featuring sparkling brilliance, long-lasting durability, and unique premium cuts. A stunning gemstone at a stunningly low price point? It’s no wonder that so many modern couples choose to commemorate their love with moissanite jewelry and engagement rings.

Pro: Ethical Origins

Every aspect of a moissanite stone shines, including its origins. Ethically sourced, lab-grown moissanite gemstone is renowned for its conflict-free nature and environmentally friendly processes, removed from unethical mining practices and engineered by scientists with sustainable practices in mind. Look and feel your best in diamond alternatives crafted with conscientious care and the utmost attention to clarity, color and cut. With eco-friendly simulants that dazzle just like diamonds—but don’t compromise your comfort or arrive with hidden costs—you can sparkle with confidence and enjoy beautiful peace of mind. 

Pro: Irresistibly Sparkly

If you’re looking to turn heads and win hearts, it’s hard to find a more eye-catching or radiant stone than moissanite. This eco-friendly diamond alternative may even compete with the cut, clarity, and brilliance of comparable mined diamonds measured on the standard diamond carat size chart. But unlike mined diamonds which emit colorless flashes when exposed to light, silicon carbide is double-refractive, creating a multi-hued rainbow of shimmer with every turn of the stone or encounter with light. What does this mean for your premium Nexus Diamond™ jewelry? More fire, more brilliance and more sparkle in your go-to pendant, engagement ring or custom design. 

Pro: Seriously Durable

Moissanite ranks a 9.25 out of 10 on the industry-standard Mohs Scale of Hardness, just a touch under the ranking of mined diamonds. The serious durability of moissanite makes it a perfect choice for the center stone in your fine jewelry pieces. Given their top-notch brilliance and incredible tensile strength, our lab-grown diamond simulants deliver elegance and dazzle, without the worries about breaks, chips and cracks. Keep in mind, however, that certain gemstone cuts and shapes may require more delicate handling than others. Pear cuts and other elegant shapes may benefit from special settings that can help protect against everyday stress and damage. Speak with one of our experts about your unique needs. 

Pro: Visibly Flawless

Lab-grown moissanite will certainly make an appealing option if your gemstone’s clarity is a top priority. Our moissanite diamond alternatives must achieve a clarity grade of VS or higher to be sold on the market. In other words, when you choose moissanite, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous stone with no visible flaws, perfect in appearance to the naked eye. And, when it comes to this gemstone, good things do last forever. This sparkly stone keeps its brilliance over time, so your fine jewelry can live on as a stunning heirloom piece that dazzles for generations to come. 

Con: Slightly Different Sparkle Than Diamonds

While lab-grown moissanite offers greater brilliance than mined diamonds, differences in composition between the two gemstones result in slightly distinct sparkle patterns. Moissanite’s superior clarity—free of the inclusions and color variations in its mined counterparts—comes from a shift in light refraction properties. Moissanite is doubly refractive, which means that it sparkles much more—and much more colorfully—than the single refractive diamond. 

While many delight in the dramatic blaze of this lab-grown dazzler, moissanite’s rainbow shimmer is distinctive—it does not perfectly match the white sparkle of real diamonds. The difference can be extremely subtle, especially with smaller stones, but experts with a trained eye can identify a diamond vs moissanite center stone based on sparkle alone.

Con: Hints of Warm Undertones

Colorless moissanite makes a fantastic alternative for those looking to simulate the versatility of the diamond. To attain its prized colorless quality, each gem undergoes a whitening process during its development. However, the ultimate degree of moissanite’s colorlessness may vary slightly from stone to stone. Some gems closely compare to near-colorless diamonds, while others may be slightly warmer in color with hints of yellow and green. 

If you’re concerned about the hue of your gemstone, our experts can help you find your perfect diamond simulant. Each of our carefully crafted moissanite stones earns D, E, or F grades on the color scale of D to Z, with D being colorless.  

Con: Less Access to Repairs, Resizing, and Resetting

While moissanite is one of the most promising additions to the world of fine jewelry, its innovative nature may make it more challenging to find jewelers that specialize in your stone in the event that you’re interested in resizing or resetting—at least compared to the many jewelers who work with mined diamonds. 

Additionally, certain critics of moissanite argue that the stone does not retain its value over time. But this critique is not unique to moissanite; the same has been said of mined diamonds and other diamond alternatives within the retail space. It’s even possible that—given its durable quality and forever brilliance—moissanite boasts unparalleled longevity. If you have questions about caring for your moissanite jewelry through the years, our experts are happy to share insights and resources. 

The Best Places to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings Online In 2022

Purchasing a Moissanite engagement ring online is a wise choice, as there are a plethora of high-quality retailers, some of which even offer the opportunity to design your own ring! In this article, we will review the top three.

  • 1. Forever Moissanite

Forever Moissanite is a top option to consider for moissanite rings as they are dedicated specifically to this category. They are also highly rated on TrustPilot, which is a key consideration with some of the questionable jewelry retailers out there. 

Forever Moissanite offers a wide variety of engagement cuts and styles, including:

Side Stone Round Cut

Side Stone Princess Cut

Side Stone Cushion Cut

Solitaire Round Cut

Solitaire Princess Cut

Solitaire Cushion Cut

hey also offer fully customizable ring designs here. with custom consults, from concept design, CAD models, and your final approval and delivery. 

Forever Moissanite also has separate offerings for Moissanite Bridal Sets and Moissanite Weddling Bands, so it can be used as a one-stop-shop. 

Forever Moissanite Offers:

30 Day Return Policy

Free Shipping

Lifetime Warranty

  • 2. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a well-established name in the ethically & sustainably sourced diamond industry, so it’s no surprise that they have an extensive moissanite diamond collection here.

Brilliant Earth Moissanite Cuts & Designs

Best of all, Brilliant Earth has a full complement of popular ring types, including:

Moissanite Solitaire Rings

Moissanite Accent Rings

Moissanite Luxe Rings

Moissanite Halo Rings

Moissanite Nature Themed Rings

Moissanite Vintage Style Rings

  • 3. Charles and Colvard

When searching online for Moissanite engagement rings, one of the first results you will likely come across is Charles & Colvard.

They have a solid reputation and exist since 1995. They are unique in selling Moissanite as a diamond alternative, so you don’t need to worry about sifting through other kinds of jewelry. Their website is elegant, succinct and makes shopping a simple, lovely experience. It has three sections:


Why Moissanite?


If you hover your mouse on the shop option, you will see several categories including:

Engagement rings, divided by sets and styles

Loose gems, in over a dozen styles including unique ones like radiant, heart and trillion

Featured, which includes their rare green Moissanite collection.

If you click on Why Moissanite? You will be directed to a page which includes a highly educational video on Moissanite as well as a table which compares Moissanite to Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.

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In 2036, mankind first landed on the planet Flux Mars.
In 2052, the first World Martial Arts Championships were held, the highest fighting event in the world, and the world went wild for it.
The world’s top fighter, “Gun Devil” Xu Jingming, retired at the age of 26, with injuries from the tournament. ……
A new era has begun!

At 13:50 on July 2, 2081, Bluestar, the most prosperous city of the summer country, ‘Binhai City’, at this time, the dark clouds were dense and thunder rumbled, looking at a heavy rain to come.

The first part of the wind and clouds Chapter 1

"Summer thunderstorms, they come when they say they will." In a room on the top floor of the Star Fighting Hall, a young man was looking through the floor-to-ceiling window at the dark clouds and lightning outside, and "crackling" raindrops began to beat on the window glass.

The young man walked to the center of the room, hands on the ground, very slowly and steadily in a handstand. First, the two hands straight upside down, after the collection of a hand, into the right hand of the one-handed inversion.


Breathing sounds in the ears, Xu Jingming felt the body's core muscle groups tighten, but also feel the whole body weight on the right arm stimulation.

The first three minutes of the arm is very comfortable, the muscles of the tendons of the arm are deeply stimulated, but the fourth minute the palm muscles are a little tingling some torment, the fifth minute is even more painful, but Xu Jingming has long been accustomed to, adhere to the end of five minutes, naturally switched to the left hand one-handed handstand.

"Dad's waist, I wonder if it's better today." When the one-handed handstand, Xu Jingming thoughts are also drifting, he thought of his father. Father this year sixty, back injury is an old problem, yesterday I heard my mother said on the phone that my father's back injury when moving heavy objects flared up again ......

"After this recent period of busy, back home a trip." Xu Jingming thought.

One-handed handstand, not the training method taught by the national team, but taught by his father when he was a child.

Xu Jingming was not well when he was a child, his father taught him martial arts to strengthen his body, including the "one-armed inverted pile". Because of the long-term practice effect is quite good, also became his daily practice of one of the five piles, winter training three nine, summer training three volt, practice has been twenty years, even if sick and injured will persist, no too special reason is not broken. As the saying goes, 'practice boxing without practicing gong, to old age a void', the so-called gong, is the basic daily work.

If there is an interruption for three or five days, the muscles and bones will decline.

After practicing the single-arm inverted pile, Xu Jingming went to the desk and sat down, drank a few sips of water and looked at the torrential rain outside the window.

"Once the dampness gets heavy, this leg of mine starts to hurt." Xu Jingming looked at his right leg and reached out and gently rubbed it, "The daily rehabilitative exercises never stop, but my right leg ...... can't get better."

"If the right leg is not injured, I should be expected to impact the world first." Xu Jingming silently said.

Injuries are what every martial arts master fears most in his or her career. The injury of "broken leg" is a nightmare for Xu Jingming.

"Suddenly, a sound rang out.

Xu Jingming lifted his head and said, "Xiao Bai, answer the video call."

There was light coalescing in front of Xu Jingming, converging into a two-meter-high picture, in which a big, sturdy fat man was sitting in a car, laughing and shouting, "Old Xu, we've already left the hotel, and it's estimated that we'll arrive at your Star Fighting Hall in about 20 minutes. Haha, we haven't seen each other for over a year, right? We need to have a good drink tonight."

"Don't worry, Big Bear, I have long booked a barbecue restaurant." Xu Jingming saw his teenage best friend and smiled and instructed, "It's raining quite heavily, you guys be careful on the way."

"Don't worry, don't worry." The stout fat man then said, "The provincial training team of this group of boys are very admired you, want to see your gun skills, later you have to give them a good guidance, let them understand and the gap between the world's top experts."

"Nowadays, young people are more powerful than the next generation, it's good if I don't capsize." Xu Jingming said with a smile.

"How can you capsize? I would like you to capsize, you capsize, on behalf of our provincial team has another genius ah." The big fat man laughed, "Well, no more small talk, we'll see you later."

"See you later." Xu Jingming reached out with a stroke of his hand and the image in mid-air dispersed.

The training for the Jiangnan Province training team lasted for ten days and charged a fee of fifty thousand Blue Star coins, which was actually not even enough to cover the venue fee. But for the fighting gym, being able to do training for the provincial training team was also an advertising sign, and it could also attract more fighting enthusiasts to come to the fighting gym for membership.

"When a professional retires, he has to make money, too." Xu Jingming got up and went to take a shower and change his clothes.

Fighting professionals may sound beautiful, but in reality, they earn some 'appearance fees' at their peak, and most of them have a subsistence income of over 100 million.

As for after retirement, it is more difficult to make money. Although Xu Jingming is also a world-class martial arts master, but the world martial arts competition, his highest is only the top eight. The income of the fighting world is in the shape of a pyramid, the tip of the tower is very few and far between! The first ranked income is exaggeratedly high, the second third fourth ...... will plummet.


Xu Jingming stood waiting at the entrance of the Star Fighting Hall, also accompanied by a few staff members, and saw from afar that there was an electric bus coming from the rain screen.

When the electric bus stopped, the door opened and more than ten people from the Jiangnan Province training team got off one after another.

"Big Bear." Xu Jingming saw at a glance the first to get off the sturdy big fat man, that is his good brother Liu Chong Yuan.

"Old Xu." Liu Chong Yuan came over excited and Xu Jingming hug, bang bang bang big slap on the back of Xu Jingming, Xu Jingming bitter face, can only be regarded as a massage.

Liu Chong Yuan, two meters and three, weighing more than one hundred and eighty kilograms, as if a big upright bear. Back then, he was also a professional-level martial arts expert, with a shield in one hand and an axe in the other, and had killed to 39th place at the highest point ranking of the World Martial Arts Federation, so he could sit firmly in the provincial sports bureau.

"This is Coach Xu." Liu Chongyuan grinned and said, "The Coach Xu that you have been longing for!"

"Xu Jingming!"

"Gun Devil Xu Jingming!"

"See the real person!" The provincial team members were all a little excited, as industry insiders, naturally worshipping this senior.

Xu Jingming looked at these players, as if he saw himself back then.

Young and full of vigor!

Unlike yourself, barging in martial arts tournaments, with all the injuries can only be retired.

Xu Jingming smiled: "Ah Chen, take them to choose the weapons."

"Yes, Brother Xu." The young staff member answered.

"Da Xiong, let's go to the third floor first and wait for them." Xu Jingming and Liu Qingyuan, a pair of good brothers, happily went to the third floor first.


The weapon room of the Star Fighting Hall is 500 square meters, with a staggering number of swords, guns, swords, sticks, shields, axes, hammers, chain yokes and other kinds of cold weapons, which are all martial arts competition paraphernalia, such as swords and knives, not only do not open the blade, the surface is also wrapped with a layer of cushioning material, greatly improving the degree of safety. Like lances, these competition guns have data on the barrel: length, size head diameter, weight, lances are hundreds of rods, lined up against the wall.

"As expected of the Star Fighting Hall, the first-class fighting hall in Binhai City, the weapons are flush enough." The eleven members of the provincial training team, all of them use long spears, that's why they participated in Xu Jingming's training.

In terms of marksmanship alone, all professional martial arts masters in history, Xu Jingming is recognized as one of the top ten.

The competition lance data is clear, and the eleven team members quickly choose their usual weapons.

"The first time I saw Xu Jingming in reality, it looks very ordinary, not as intimidating as in the video." A tall man tried out the lance while saying.

"It feels a lot thinner than in the video." Another boyish teenager said.

"It's slimmer." A burly man nodded, "When he didn't retire, I saw him compete live a few times, and the public information of the Martial Arts Union, he was one meter seven-eight and weighed ninety-three kilograms. Now he's lost a lot of weight, estimated to be eighty-five kilograms at most."

These provincial team members discussed.

They all knew very well that a height of one meter seven-eight and a weight of over eighty kilograms might be slightly fat for an ordinary person. But to a professional martial arts expert, with heavy sinew and a high muscle ratio, it is slightly thin.

"Weight loss, strength must have also decreased."

"I wonder how much strength is still there."

"Some professional players, after retiring and giving up training, their bodies are deformed and their strength is much worse."

These players talked about it.

"I still want to see how much difference there is between myself and the World Martial Arts Champion, who thought that he is even a weight lighter, I don't know how much strength is left." The burly man was a bit upset, he was also selected for the national training team once last year, and his goal was also the highest tournament in the fighting world - the World Budo Championship, originally there were expectations for Xu Jingming who had twice killed the World Budo Championship, but now he was a bit disappointed.

The weight has been reduced, how much strength Xu Jingming has left? There is still 'gun devil' year dominant strong?

"Even if the strength has slipped, the experience is still there." The tall man at his side laughed, "Pointing us out is still enough."

"Probably won't even fight with us in real life." The boyish teenager muttered, they saw

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